Storrow Kinsella Associates is an Indianapolis-based planning, urban design and landscape architecture studio dedicated to the creation of strategies, places and connections in the public realm. We partner with engaged clients to vision and realize near and long-term quality of life imperatives. We are guided by an expansive understanding of the possible.

Innovative Strategies: visioning successful places and networks through knowledge-based observation and pragmatic focus on positive change. 

Inspiring Places: designing public spaces and systems from regional to local scales of experiential engagement. 

Optimized Connections: leveraging public infrastructure as a balanced framework for experience, opportunity and accessibility. 

Our Mission and Values simply stated:
We work in the public realm for the public good, striving to create places and systems that are sustainable and contribute to balanced human and natural ecologies, and the shared heritage of a pluralistic society.  

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Recent Activity

  • 01/24/18| a Future for Saarinen’s North Christian Church
    Some thoughts about North Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana, its meaning and its sustainability as a place that celebrates that meaning. For various reasons, some reminiscent of the drama that provoked the establishment of the congregation as an offshoot of Eliel Saarinen’s First Christian Church, the North Christian Church membership has dwindled to about nineteen families. The fifty-year old landmark building and landscape are not easily sustained by that level of membership. Re-purposing, an often-used strategy to preserve historic places (and this mid-century masterpiece is now […]
  • Promethean Figure Maquette, artist Dale Enochs09/29/17| Promethean Walk Public Art update
    The Firefighters Art Park [ing] Court is getting ready for the mythic and heroic Promethean Walk public art sculpture. Bloomington artist, Dale Enochs, developed a quarter scale model of the Promethean Figure that was unveiled at the 2017 FDIC Conference. This work of public art will be a 125 foot long assemblage of incised limestone and internally illuminated layered metal forms. The heroic sixteen foot tall striding figure of Prometheus will be a striking landmark for walkers and cyclists along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and motorists approaching downtown along College and Mass […]
  • Alice Carter Place a pocket park on historic north Meridian Street04/18/17| Alice Carter Place Park Featured
    Alice Carter Place is featured in World Landscape Architecture month; April 2017. SKA is delighted to have Alice Carter Place recognized! Having achieved walkability and traffic calming goals at Westfield Boulevard and historic North MeridianStreet, the neighborhood is mobilizing to fund and construct a children’s garden in the park. More to come . . .Check out ttps://  and  for more information.   […]