05/24/15| New studio location…and its perfect!

The moving disruption is over (April 12 update: its been almost a year now) and the new storrow|kinsella studio is up and running at 303 North Alabama (second floor #240). Its at the NE Corner of Alabama and New York Streets (the red brick attachment to the historic Vienna Building) and overlooks the Cultural Trail and Downtown Indianapolis. Visitor parking in the Lockerbie Marketplace, but also walkable from anywhere downtown. A yellow bike share station is just up the street as well. The studio is a light-filled open space, just a five minute walk along the Cultural Trail from our Riley Tower 26th floor sky-perch residence (a 1962 midcentury modernist group of towers on the National Register, designed by Perkins & Will Architects of Chicago). The view from its balcony, 260 feet above street level, offers insights of city patterns and rhythms not readily apparent from the static maps we reference in our work.  Communes with nature, unique from our ground-dwelling days, are of a ten-mile distant horizon and its panorama of clouds, sunsets, distant storms and tower-circling buzzards. We miss the Zen garden terrace at the old studio, but that balcony in the sky, and the daily walk to (work?) along the Alabama Street trail more than compensate.

The back story: what until now we had thought was the perfect studio at Park Avenue was put on the market much sooner than we had planned on so we weren't quite ready to exercise our right of first refusal!  But we are still in the heart of the thriving Mass Ave district, and even closer to the core.

Its perfect. 

Looking forward to visits, but please call ahead.  317-639-3420