Columbus, IN National Historic Landmark Theme Study

Columbus, Indiana National Historic Landmarks Theme Study

Columbus, Indiana National Historic Landmark Theme Study for Modernism in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design and Art, Bartholomew County, Indiana 1942 – 1999   storrow kinsella associates led the effort to research and develop the Columbus, Indiana National Historic Landmark Theme Study. Two major contexts were developed: Patronage in Public Architecture in Bartholomew County, 1957 – 1965 Modernist Architecture, Landscape Architecture Design, and Art in Bartholomew County

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Discovery Park South Gateway, Purdue University, storrow|kinsella

Discovery Park South Gateway, Purdue University

Discovery Park South Gateway: Purdue UniversityIn the fourteen years since it began as an “idea”, Purdue’s Discovery Park has become an acclaimed center  for interdisciplinary research, learning, and technology transfer.   Established in 2001, it has since developed into a complex of eight discipline-based centers representing a combined investment approaching $1 billion. And Discovery Park’s contribution to the identity of the university as a 21st century institution, as well as its own unique identity and sense of place has now been established with the recent completion of this South Gateway. Storrow|Kinsella prepared the now implemented site development plans for Hockmeyer Hall of Structural Biology in 2009. Those plans looked beyond the project’s construction limits to envision how it might contribute to a larger gateway concept.  In 2012, based on that prescience, Storrow|Kinsella was commissioned to prepare a master plan and design and construction documents for consolidating the Hockmeyer Hall site and that of its neighbor across Jischke Drive, the Hall for Discovery Learning and Research, into a new South Gateway from a new perimeter parkway for both Discovery Park and the overall campus . The design process established a master plan for the gateway area that met multiple objectives: reconcile pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular […]

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