Columbus, IN National Historic Landmark Theme Study

Columbus, Indiana National Historic Landmarks Theme Study

Columbus, Indiana National Historic Landmark Theme Study for Modernism in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design and Art, Bartholomew County, Indiana 1942 – 1999   storrow kinsella associates led the effort to research and develop the Columbus, Indiana National Historic Landmark Theme Study. Two major contexts were developed: Patronage in Public Architecture in Bartholomew County, 1957 – 1965 Modernist Architecture, Landscape Architecture Design, and Art in Bartholomew County

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Indianapolis Proposed Park and Boulevard System Map, 1910, George Kessler

Indianapolis Historic Park and Boulevard National Register Listing

National Register of Historic Places for the Indianapolis Park and Boulevard SystemThe Indianapolis Park and Boulevard System was largely created between 1908 and 1923 by its principal planner and landscape architect, George E. Kessler. The Indianapolis Commercial Club commissioned Kessler to prepare the plan, which merged beauty and function resulting in the first automobile-based transportation plan, flood control for the rivers and creeks, and designed and connected the city park system. The plan shaped the City of Indianapolis and laid the foundation for its future growth. StrategiesAs we studied the historic park and boulevard plan, we realized the visionary genius of George Kessler and how relevant his work was to contemporary planning and design work, including:Healthy lifestyles: The Kessler parkways and boulevards were designed for two types of travel. The wide curvilinear, tree-lined driving lanes and separated, tree-lined pedestrian promenades. The experience of the route, including views to natural features, open, green spaces and groupings of trees and shrubs, rather than efficient and direct point-to-point travel is the character of the historic parkway.Increased property values: Beauty is important. “Careful attention should be given to the park beauty, and sanitation to present the most attractive condition for the building of new homes.”Efficiency: “The result […]

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