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Indiana Approach Experience

Click here to download The Indiana Approach Experience: a Context Sensitive Solutions planning document. This Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) report was an exploration of ideas during INDOT’s early planning for the Indiana segment of the Louisville Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges East End Approach Project. Its purpose was to generate concepts and ideas, at a non-cost constrained initial level, in support of CSS program fulfillment for this new terrain interstate approach to a new Ohio River Bridge. Programmatic considerations address roadway elements, bridge elements, noise barriers, landscape and landforms, a multi-use trail system, and the Old Salem Road interchange. Additional ideas addressed multimodal connectivity for corridor-proximate communities, and means to support long term sustainability of the proposed enhancements. The $763M project was subsequently developed and successfully implemented through a competitive P3 procurement process that attracted proposals from multiple international consortia. SKA was a invited to join the design team of a consortium that was a runner up to the successful proposal, so was unable to pursue the ideas.  Some elements such as the multi-use trail and special fencing were incorporated into the final design, while some more expressive elements dropped out. Prepared by Storrow Kinsella Associates Inc as CSS sub-consultant to […]

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Discovery Park South Gateway, Purdue University, storrow|kinsella

Discovery Park South Gateway, Purdue University

Discovery Park South Gateway: Purdue UniversityIn the fourteen years since it began as an “idea”, Purdue’s Discovery Park has become an acclaimed center  for interdisciplinary research, learning, and technology transfer.   Established in 2001, it has since developed into a complex of eight discipline-based centers representing a combined investment approaching $1 billion. And Discovery Park’s contribution to the identity of the university as a 21st century institution, as well as its own unique identity and sense of place has now been established with the recent completion of this South Gateway. Storrow|Kinsella prepared the now implemented site development plans for Hockmeyer Hall of Structural Biology in 2009. Those plans looked beyond the project’s construction limits to envision how it might contribute to a larger gateway concept.  In 2012, based on that prescience, Storrow|Kinsella was commissioned to prepare a master plan and design and construction documents for consolidating the Hockmeyer Hall site and that of its neighbor across Jischke Drive, the Hall for Discovery Learning and Research, into a new South Gateway from a new perimeter parkway for both Discovery Park and the overall campus . The design process established a master plan for the gateway area that met multiple objectives: reconcile pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular […]

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Streetscape and Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard: corridor as catalyst for neighborhood renaissanceThe Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Gateway and Streetscape is an outcome of the Development Implementation Plan for the United Northwest Redevelopment Area (UNWA) TIF District. The Development Implementation Plan focused on generating short term, implementable development opportunities. The Development Concepts, Inc. and storrow|kinsella plan was based on understanding neighborhood context and extensive community engagement.  The UNWA TIF District is approximately 1.2 square miles with more than 3,000 residential parcels in the TIF. Two “opportunity areas” were identified that consisted of the best short-term opportunities where immediate infrastructure improvements were estimated to have the best potential to leverage development: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street and the Central Canal. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street was the “opportunity area” selected for investment because was the most viable commercial corridor in the TIF District and most likely to be the location to receive developer investment. It was also selected because it is the TIF District’s front door and provides the primary impression of the neighborhood.   StrategiesMLK Street is the most important transportation corridor in the UNWA TIF District. In selecting MLK Street as an opportunity area, the TIF investment provided a boost to fully […]

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Evansville Riverfront

Evansville Downtown Riverfront The $10 million Downtown Esplanade and Dress Plaza project section, shown here,  stabilized the aging one-third mile long Ohio River flood protection levee and transformed it from a brutally bleak place to a place of civic pride. Its street level esplanade is a bicycle and pedestrian way that accesses multiple projecting river overlooks and a timeline railing edge of seventy-two stainless steel interpretive plaques. Dramatic lighting beacons in rhythmic bay spacing are a modern foil to the otherwise historically themed downtown. The overlooks break through the levee rail barrier (by developing openings with removable flood panels) to access new river viewing platforms. The promenade plaques create an outdoor classroom chronicling the evolution of the Ohio River, and this place on it, from glacial formation to regional city on a major transportation system.The amphitheater-style tiered seating for 5000 cascades down from the overlooks to Dress Plaza. The plaza, the site of former riverfront wharves, now hosts fireworks, world-class hydroplane racing and a public access boat ramp.  The award-winning design has created a new synergy and vitality for downtown, while providing connectivity between downtown and the adjacent museum district, and to the developing greenway system’s parks and neighborhoods.The City has reclaimed its waterfront […]

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