our design process

mission |  create plans for exceptional places and place-based connections as interdependent elements of the public space continuum 

vision | transform regions, communities, districts and neighborhoods into active, livable, and interconnected places 

engagement | collaborate with clients and empowered stakeholders to discover and achieve a shared vision 

pragmatism | devise innovative and actionable strategies for positive change based on research and experience-based multidisciplinary expertise  

action | combine vision, skill, passion and pragmatism to transform places and connections into active livable communities 



All  illustrative and written content on this website is the work of the storrow|kinsella studio, its co-consultants where noted, or of meg storrow and/or john kinsella prior to the formation of the studio, unless otherwise noted. Reproduction with attribution is encouraged per the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The storrow|kinsella logotype and the phrase strategies places connections are copyright protected.