Promethean Figure Maquette, artist Dale Enochs

09/29/17| Promethean Walk Public Art update

A quarter scale model of the Promethean Figure was unveiled at the 2017 FDIC Conference. This work of public art will be a 125 foot long assemblage of incised limestone and internally illuminated layered metal forms. Prometheus, holding an orb of fire, is depicted as an heroic sixteen foot tall striding figure, a future landmark on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

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03/07/15| Karst Farm Greenway Outstanding

The Karst Farm Greenway in Monroe County, Indiana received the 2015 Outstanding Indiana Trail Project award from the Indiana Greenways Foundation at its annual meeting in Indianapolis. The three-mile long paved bicycle and pedestrian trail, in the rapidly developing west side of Monroe County, was dedicated in July 2015.

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a strategy created by storrow|kinsella using expertise in planning, urban design and land architecture

10/151/15| State of the Art in Virginia

We are excited about the recent release of  Virginia’s statewide guidelines for multimodal planning and design. Our role as advisor and peer reviewer during development of the plan was based on our experience in producing a series of multimodal planning documents for the Indianapolis eight-county region over several years. The Indianapolis Regional Center Multimodal System Plan and its supporting Multimodal Corridor and Public Space Design  Guidelines were a Best Practices reference for Virginia’s process.  Production of the Virginia guidelines was managed by Transit Planning Manager, Amy Inman, and the guidelines document was produced by the Renaissance Planning Group. It received an American Planning Association award and was featured in that organization’s 2013 Annual Conference in Chicago.  The following abstract is from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation:”The Multimodal System Design  Guidelines provide a holistic framework for multimodal planning with a step-by-step process of identifying centers of activity, designating connected networks for all travel modes, and designing and retrofitting specific corridors that fit with the surrounding context. This process can be applied to the full range of contexts throughout Virginia to plan connected regional transportation networks to serve all travel modes.”The Guidelines and three videos that summarize their content can be downloaded here:  

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