Storrow Kinsella Associates is an award-winning landscape architecture, community and transportation planning, and urban design firm in Indianapolis. Established in 1986, we form creative collaborations with clients in the creation of strategies, places and connections in the public realm.

Innovative Strategies: visioning successful places and networks through knowledge-based observation and pragmatic focus on positive change. 

Inspiring Places: designing public spaces and systems from regional to local scales of experiential engagement. 

Optimized Connections: leveraging public infrastructure as a balanced framework for experience, opportunity and accessibility. 

Projects range from intimate garden spaces to urban connectivity networks; from experiential elements of public art, to walkable communities and their underlying infrastructure; from public parks to economic development strategies. The work of Meg Storrow and John Kinsella results in connected and beautiful places that enhance the well-being of our communities and the environment.

Our Mission | Create exceptional places and place-based connections as interdependent elements of public space.

Our Vision | Transform the continuum of regions, communities, districts and neighborhoods into active and livable interconnected places.

Our Process | Collaborate with clients and empowered stakeholders to achieve a shared and possible vision.

Our Pragmatism | Develop effective strategies based on research and experience-based multidisciplinary expertise.

Our Goal | Implement viable, sustainable inspiring places.


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Recent Activity

  • Tini Cafe, Mass Ave, Indianapolis - New Patio Open06/18/18| Tini Patio Opens: Teeniest SKA project ever
    A really tiny sidewalk patio has become a little less tiny. It’s Tini. Improving Tini on the Avenue’s sidewalk patio has been an adventurous romp with historic district guardians and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Inc., with the intent to make this popular outdoor space more inviting, friendlier to passing pedestrians and with a bit more presence on the Avenue and on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick. The original Tini patio occupied some leftover right-of-way space at the junction of the Cultural Trail with the unnamed alley that houses the Chatham […]
  • 01/24/18| a Future for Saarinen’s North Christian Church
    Some thoughts about North Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana, its meaning, and its sustainability as a place that celebrates that meaning. This place has meaning to SKA on several levels. John Kinsella witnessed its development as a young apprentice architect in Eero Saarinen’s Michigan studio. When Eero passed away at the peak of an amazing career, John was tasked with preparing the construction drawings for the church, one of Eero’s last and major works that John and his dedicated colleagues carried on to completion. Over forty years later, SKA led a team that placed North […]
  • Promethean Figure Maquette, artist Dale Enochs09/29/17| Promethean Walk Public Art update
    The Firefighters Art Park [ing] Court is getting ready for the mythic and heroic Promethean Walk public art sculpture. Bloomington artist, Dale Enochs, developed a quarter scale model of the Promethean Figure that was unveiled at the 2017 FDIC Conference. This work of public art will be a 125 foot long assemblage of incised limestone and internally illuminated layered metal forms. The heroic sixteen foot tall striding figure of Prometheus will be a striking landmark for walkers and cyclists along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and motorists approaching downtown along College and Mass […]