Karst Farm Greenway, Monroe County, Indiana

Karst Farm Greenway
Karst Farm Greenway
Karst Farm Greenway
Karst Farm Greenway

Karst Farm Greenway: Monroe County, Indiana

The Karst Farm Greenway is an outcome of the Monroe County Alternative Transportation & Greenways System Plan. The Storrow|Kinsella-authored plan was based on extensive community engagement, systems analysis, and conceptual design of place-based transportation elements.

The Monroe County Alternative Transportation & Greenways System Plan is a vision document.  Its place-based transportation theory guided formation of the plan's opportunities, concepts, and prioritization strategies. The plan's recommendations support the community's long-term goal of making alternative transportation a way of life for Monroe County residents. The plan provides a foundation and reference for funding projects such as the Karst Farm Greenway through programs such as the Federal Transportation Enhancement program, administered by the Indiana Department of Transportation. The plan is designed to be flexible and responsive to continuously evolving, and challenging, infrastructure funding scenarios, while setting high standards for future network development.  Karst Farm Greenway, the plan's highest ranked priority project is now constructed, with future extensions under way. Storrow Kinsella designed the inaugural section as subconsultant to engineer-of-record, Butler Fairman & Seufert Civil Engineers.


Think beyond existing conditions to create the future. Monroe County is rapidly developing, and pressures on quality of life are continuing. Incorporating alternative transportation results in multiple benefits, including:

  • Healthy lifestyles: alternative transportation systems remove physical barriers to create safe, pleasant environments to walk or bike.
  • Increased property values: alternative transportation systems within a half-mile of homes has proven to increase property values and encourage infill development.
  • Smart growth: inclusive transportation systems encourage less dependence on the personal automobile and allows a community to grow in a economically, environmentally and socially responsible way.
  • Reduced congestion: progressive communities are realizing that providing alternative transportation means reduces the number of vehicles, especially for short trips.
  • Social interaction: alternative transportation systems provide infrastructure that encourages social interaction.

The Karst Farm Greenway is being embraced and supported equally by reisdents and developers, validating the quality of life-based economic development goals of the Alternative Transportation and Greenways System Plan.


The Monroe County Alternative Transportation & Greenways System Plan incorporated "Place" into its recommendations. By identifying and incorporating local heritage features into trail elements, the unique qualities of Monroe County are celebrated. The Karst Farm Greenway interpretive signage and educational features reflect the Karst geology and morphology. Trailheads emphasized the use of limestone, the local stone indicative of southern Indiana. 


The three-mile long section of the Karst farm Greenway in the west side of the county begins at Karst Farm Park, continuing north to Vernal Pike. Providing connections to the YMCA from the Park, it's character ranges from a rural experience to that of a more urban experience within the Gifford and Endwright Road rights-of-ways. It provides connectivity and walkability linking Karst Farm Park, the YMCA, Ivy Tech, the Indiana Center for Life Sciences, and the Highland Park and Grandview Schools. 

Project Summary

Monroe County Alternative Transportation &
Greenways Master Plan
SKA prime | Year completed: 2006
Client: Monroe County Planning Department

Karst Farm Greenway, Monroe County, Indiana
Storrow Kinsella Associates: landscape architecture, trail and amenity design
Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc.: engineering and right-of-way

Award Recepient
Indiana Greenways Foundation award:  2015 outstanding trail project in Indiana


"I am very impressed, no blown away, with the attention to detail and innovative approaches taken in designing this trail. This could be an on-the- ground example of best design practices for trails for others to learn from.  The route, connectors to schools, the Y, and other features, the way the RR crossing was handled the signage and more really impressed me... and although I am not a designer, I have seen a few trails in my day. So, I just wanted to say, job well done, and thanks!!! "


Rory Robinson, Outdoor Recreation Planner
National Park Service
2179 Everett Road, Peninsula, OH 44264


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