Mark Dollase, Vice President of Preservation Services
Indiana Landmarks

". . . what Storrow Kinsella helped all partners involved do, was develop a strategy to move forward. . . "

  • Indiana School for the Deaf | Circulation and Land Use Study



Rory Robinson, Outdoor Recreation Planner
National Park Service

"I am very impressed, no blown away, with the attention to detail and innovative approaches taken in designing the Karst Farm Greenway Trail . . . This could be an on-the-ground example of best design practices for trails  for others to learn from. The route, connectors to schools, the Y and other features, the way the RR crossing was handled, the signage and more, really impressed me . . . and although I an not a designer, I have seen a few trails in my day. So, I just wanted to say, job well done, and thanks!!!"



Brian Payne, President and CEO
Central Indiana Community Foundation

"Storrow Kinsella Associates was working on the (first) Regional Pedestrian Plan for the City of Indianapolis and I approached the City about an idea I had of developing an urban greenway in downtown Indianapolis to connect with the extensive off-street greenway system. The City asked SKA to assist them with evaluating my urban greenway concept. This initial study laid the foundation for the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick, now completed.

Meg's [and John's] passion is to help others create an active and vibrant community. [They] never hesitate to assist their historic neighborhood and not-for-profit organizations across the city with pro-bono services. I am privileged to know Meg [and John] and see first hand how their work contributes significantly to a wonderful quality of life and quality of place for all Indianapolis residents."

  • Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick




Michael Galbraith, Executive Director
Architecture and Community Heritage, Fort Wayne, IN

"Projects were done well, completely and on time. Meg and John, as well as the rest of the team at SKA, were always available, polite, and business-like, and able to work collaboratively with professionals and amateurs."

  • Fort Wayne Park and Boulevard System Historic District National Register nomination
  • State Street Sketch Plan Alternative



Don Colvin
Deputy Director/ Indy Parks
City of Indianapolis Department of Parks & Recreation

"Indy Parks and Recreation has worked with Storrow Kinsella Associates on a series of significant projects, beginning with a landscape and playground renovation project in historic Broad Ripple Park in 1994. 

Since then, Indy Parks and SKA have worked on numerous projects of increasing scale and importance including:  the Eagle Creek Greenway Master Plan and Feasibility Study that continues informing implementation of that 11-mile long corridor;  the inaugural project for that plan, the constructed Eagle Creek Trail and Soccer Complex;  the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Concept, Feasibility Study and Design Guidelines for this national model of connectivity; the Indianapolis Regional Pedestrian Plan for the MPO that, in our interest area, reinforces connectivity of the region’s open space resources; and the long range ongoing development of the Pennsy Trail Greenway from Master Plan through continuing corridor acquisition guidance, and including its inaugural-built section in the Irvington District.  

Of particular significance is storrow|kinsella's work in assisting the department in the successful National Register nomination for the Kessler Park and Boulevard System, considered a landmark achievement by national advocates for cultural resource preservation.

 storrow|kinsella has been a creative and effective “large-picture” advocate for Indianapolis parks, open space and cultural resource initiatives over this twenty-year partnership."



Steve White
West Baden Springs Town Council President

"Storrow Kinsella Associates has worked with us since 2004 and have consistently proven themselves to deliver built works based on a strategic vision. They have helped us find funding for projects from DNR and INDOT, and their built projects have consistently been in budget.

SKA is very accessible when we have a question, and timely in their responses. I highly recommend SKA for visioning, strategic planning, design and management of streetscapes, parks and trails."


Bill Gray, former Executive Director
Riley Area Development Corporation, Indianapolis

"Outstanding Work".  Storrow|Kinsella's  "clear vision and dedication to quality urban design helped us in the development of our strategic vision for the Northeast Quadrant of Indianapolis. Their inclusive leadership skills helped us think about our neighborhood's zone of influence, and address the unique characters of the different areas within our district."


Kathryn Shorter
Former President, Midtown Indy, Inc.

  • storrow|kinsella principals and staff have made the extra effort to educate us and our community as we have worked collaboratively on projects
  • they have helped us to identify funding sources. . .
  • storrow|kinsella is passionate about planning and implementing quality of life improvements in our City


Myron K. Richardson
Former Executive Director, Flanner House of Indianapolis, Inc.

"When you hire Storrow Kinsella Associates you get responsive, thorough, thoughtful and professional service with high integrity. I have found that Storrow Kinsella Associates say what they'lldo and do what they say!"



Pat Martin
Engineering Department, City of Terre Haute

"Storrow Kinsella Associates consistently delivers customized, cutting-edge solutions that lead to long-term
community transformation."


Mark Miles
Former President and CEO
Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, Inc

"Just wanted to take a second to congratulate you and to thank you for your pivotal role in the transformation of the west Gateway for E. 10th Street on the near eastside. Helen and I had a chance to drive the area after the barricades were cleared last weekend, and it looks just great. It would never have happened without your vision and persistence, and I can’t thank you enough."


Tammi Hughes
Executive Director, East 10th Street Civic Association

“The East 10th Street Civic Association recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Storrow Kinsella Associates (SKA).

In a short amount of time, SKA was able to assist the Civic Association staff with preparing a strategic and well-balanced response to a rezoning case that will greatly impact one of the three gateways into  the
10 East Main Street project area. SKA’s response demonstrated sensitivity, collaboration and successful execution of technical knowledge. I highly recommend Storrow Kinsella Associates to other neighborhood or community groups, and look forward to building a long- term relationship with the firm.”

■ East 10th Street Urban Design and Gateway Plan
■ East 10th Street / St. Clair Place Streetscape Improvements
■ East 10th Street Connect10n Gateway
■ East 10th Street Legacy Plaza


Alicia M. Chadwick
Former Executive Director
Crooked Creek Northwest Community Development Corporation

"Storrow Kinsella Associates has been great to work with.

The Crooked Creek Northwest Community Development Corporation is coordinating improvements along the Michigan Road corridor, beginning with the 71st and Michigan intersection. Your organiation has helped us consider alternatives for better pedestrian connectivity and access, traffic calming devieces, urban landscaping and gateway features.

We are very please with the help you have provided in coalescing local businesses around solutions that will contribute to the long-term economic viability of this project."


Kathryn Shorter
Former President, Midtown Indy, Inc.

"The firm of Storrow Kinsella Associates has been working with HARMONI, Inc.  (Historic Midtown Initiative, Indianapolis, IN) for the past two years.  During that time, SKA’s expertise has helped us in a broad range of areas including visioning, connectivity planning, process, design, scoping, implementation planning, sustainability issues, marketing presentations, and coordination of community resources.  The team’s depth of experience with neighborhood issues has helped us with our approach to introducing change.  We consider SKA as a full partner in our initiative.

We have been impressed with their work in many ways as well as their personal dedication to our mission.  In practically every way, SKA has gone above and beyond our expectations in helping us to achieve our goals.

The SKA team has been a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend them to others."


Glenn Boberg
Former Principal Park Planner, City of Evansville Department of Parks and Recreation

"I wish to express my appreciation to you on behalf of the City of Evansville, Department of Parks & Recreation for your past performance on many projects. The list of projects is long and encompasses the past ten (10) years:

  1. Pigeon Creek Greenway Maseter Plan (1994) (recpient of design award)
  2. Design Plans for Phase 1 & 2 of the Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage (1996-1997)
  3. Preiminary Plans for Phase 3A Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage (1996-2000)
  4. Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan for the Department of Parks & Recreation (1997) (IPRA Award)
  5. Facilitate and review environmental remediation services to acquire the General Waste Property (1998)
  6. Obtained Agreement for Shared Use of the Right of Way from the Federal Highway Authority [and INDOT] for Interstate 64 (1999)
  7. Acquisition of the Hi Rail Property, Phase 3D (2000-2002)
  8. Preliminary Design for Phase 3C, Middle Levee Corridor (2000 - 2001)
  9. Design Plans for Phase 3B, Riverfront Corridor (2002-2003)
  10. Design Plans for a system-wide identity signage program (2001 - over 50 parks)
  11. Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan for the Department of Parks & Recreation (2003)

In addition to these services, you have supported the Pigeon Creek Greenway Advisory Board in technical services, grant writing and obtaining federal and state permits. You helped us obtain over $6 million in Transportation Enhancement grants. You also helped with preparing the landscping plan and renovation of the Greenway Field Office."


Honorable Robert N. Stewart
Former Mayor, City of Columbus, Indiana

"On behalf of the City of Columbus, I would like to express our appreciation for your owrk on the Front Door Project in Columbus. In addition to providing expertise on pedestrian and bike trail projects, you effectively interfaced with the multi-disciplinary team of engineers, planners and architects.

We are please that you were part of this project from its conceptual beginning as a Parks and Recreation effort, through the creation of an innovative Federal Highway Demonstration Project poised for implementation. we look forward to the project being built in the near future."


Laure W. Wildey
Special Projects Coordinator, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

". . . Jerry Pagac, Director of [the Division of Outdoor Recreation], and I were very impressed with your talk at the Greenways Workshop the other weekend and we want the rest of our staff to see it . . ."